Electronic Timesheets are coming soon

Over the coming weeks, Work & Training will be introducing Electronic Timesheets for the mutual benefit of our host businesses, apprentices and trainees.

This means that we eliminate the need to carry around those bulky timesheet books, thus eliminating our dependence on paper based systems, where they may be lost, caught in the rain and the other problems plus the time saving benefits to our apprentices, trainees and host businesses by using technology to give back time and convenience.

Apprentices and trainees will be able to access timesheets from their computer or mobile phone anywhere there is internet service and fill it out at any time of the day, removing the need for the host supervisor to be directly there to sign off. Once the timesheet is submitted by the apprentice or trainee, it will then be sent to the host supervisor for approval, then sent back to Work & Training for processing.

Our apprentices, trainees and host businesses will be sent regular reminders to ensure that the timesheets are completed on time for the weekly pay run, ensuring that we are looked upon as responsible employers that focus on the well-being of staff.

The new electronic time sheeting process is coming soon. An email will be sent out in the coming weeks with instructions on how the apprentice or trainee can access and complete the timesheet, as well as how the host business accesses and approves the timesheet.