Businesses are stronger with Reserves in the ranks

Work & Training are proud to be a Supportive Employer of the Australian Defence Reserves.

We believe supporting Australia’s Reservists and their employers, benefits individuals, communities, businesses and people in need across the world.

Reserves are everyday Aussies, men and women from all backgrounds, who want to do something exciting, challenging and rewarding on the occasional weekend, evening or day off work.

Reserves serve alongside full-time Navy, Army or Air Force personnel on humanitarian missions, helping rebuild lives and communities after natural disasters, providing security at major events, learning new skills and giving something back to the broader community.

The training Reservists undertake could complement and build on skills used in their day jobs, such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving and communication. Some also learn specialist skills such as languages or fire-fighting. These build expertise and encourage character development that benefits Reservists’ careers and their employers’ businesses.

For more information visit Defence Reserves Support.