How it works

Apprenticeships and traineeships are available in a wide range of industries and occupations. As an employer, taking on an apprentice or trainee means offering a part-time or full-time role which allows for on-the-job experience related to a formal training course or qualification.

The duties and experience involved in a placement take into account the needs of both the employer (or ‘host business’) and the apprentice or trainee undertaking training. In order to complete their formal training, the apprentice or trainee must demonstrate competency based on their performance working in the role.

Placements can vary in length depending on the type and level of training involved and the specific needs of your business. 

No matter if you have a short-term gap in capacity, or are able to offer a 4 year role to cover full-term higher certificate study, we can match you with the relevant training, qualification and candidate.

How Work & Training help

There are two key external functions required to host an Australian apprenticeship or traineeship placement. At Work & Training we work for you as a Group Training Organisation (‘GTO’), which means we act as the employer of the apprentice or trainee placed with your business.

We can also act as your Registered Training Organisation (‘RTO’), which means we deliver any formal training and assessment required by the chosen candidate. As an RTO, Work & Training deliver training and assessment in a number of qualifications. We can also partner with other external RTOs to facilitate a much wider range of trade apprenticeships and traineeship placements to suit your business.

Step by step: the process of onboarding an apprentice or trainee

Learn more about onboarding and managing an apprentice or trainee with the steps outlined below.

Forming a role based on your business needs

The first step is to assign you an experienced consultant who will learn about your business and the role you have available for an apprentice or trainee. 

After consultation, we work with you to formalise an offering by matching the role with a formally recognised training course or qualification. We will also identify and partner with an external RTO if required for assessment.

Help with accessing incentives

Depending on your business you may be eligible for state and/or federal incentives when taking on an apprentice or trainee. At Work & Training we will help to identify your eligibility for grants and ongoing financial incentives, and can assist in your applications.

Finding the right candidate

As your GTO, Work & Training have the recruitment and on-boarding of candidates covered. 

Once an offer is agreed, we advertise the position on your behalf and manage the recruitment process, in consultation with you as the host employer, from start to finish.

What if I have a candidate ready to start an apprenticeship?

Sometimes employers already come to us with a suitable candidate waiting to start a role, or an existing employee wishing to pursue formal qualification alongside work. At Work & Training we are happy to onboard as your GTO with or without recruitment services. We can manage the formal training agreement, payroll and assessment of your chosen candidate.

Ongoing placement management and support

Once commenced, the team at Work & Training provide ongoing support to ensure the placement continues to work effectively for both the employer and the candidate. This includes mentoring and performance reviews, assistance extra training and assessment, and regular progress checks with employers.

As a GTO we offer full flexibility throughout the course of a placement. Host employers are not contracted to continue with a specific role or candidate. If your business’ needs change we can adjust or end the placement at any time, or find a new candidate as required.

Placement completion

The length of a placement depends on the type and level of training undertaken by the candidate, which is decided during the consultation stage. After completion of the designated work placement, candidates are assessed on their competency either on-the-job, at an external institution, or with a combination of both.

At Work & Training we take pride in our ongoing relationships with host employers. In preparation for a placement ending, a member of the team can work with you on any ongoing requirements you may have.