Foundation Skills – Literacy and Numeracy

Development of literacy skills is a lifelong process. We are likely to require new or enhanced skills each time we move into a different position, take on new roles and responsibilities, or as a result of changes to the environment, such as new work processes and technologies. 

Work & Training understands your business requirements when it comes to up-skilling your staff. We work with you to develop a specific program to address your unique business requirements.

How Work & Training can help

Work & Training has been delivering workplace literacy programs since 2009 and have qualified staff that will assist your business to develop the specific literacy skills training to meet your needs.

Developing a project

Integrating a workplace literacy program into your business will assist employees to: 

  • Improve completion and quality of documentation, for example reports and brochures alongside increasing efficiency of record keeping; 
  • Increase ability to measure and perform calculations leading to a reduction in wasted materials and time; 
  • Improve ability to locate information, read specifications and solve problems; 
  • Increase capability to effectively use Information and Communication Technology (ICT); 
  • Increase uptake, engagement and progression through VET and 
  • Increase employee confidence and ability to complete tasks to a high standard.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) 2012 survey identified that the rate of low level literacy in Tasmania is higher than any other state or territory in Australia. 

People with low levels of literacy or numeracy can have difficulty with a range of tasks such as; engaging in training, writing a report, calculating quantities and reading safety information.

What will it cost?

The cost depends on the time and length of the project. Contact Work & Training to discuss options today.

Foundation Skills – Literacy and Numeracy Information Flyer