Minute Taking


This workshop in suitable for both new and existing employees covering all aspects of minute taking for informal and formal meeting processes including preparing agendas and meeting protocols and processes.

Course Content

This training program focuses on the importance of being able to take accurate and understandable notes at meetings, along with providing valuable tips on how to turn them into an effective set of minutes.  It is suitable for both new and existing employees who would like to make taking minutes at meetings less stressful.  

The program also focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to draft and format appropriate written business communication, and is suitable for both new and existing employees.

Summary of key learnings:

  • Roles – requirements of a chairperson, minute-taker, and participants
  • Before the meeting – preparing the agenda
  • During the meeting – simple formats for recording information, listening, recording formal motions & amendments, confirming details during the meeting
  • After the meeting – clarifying information, when minutes should be drafted, making changes, approval of minutes
  • Using plain English – selecting clear structure for the minutes, the reading of the minutes.

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