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“Right across the board, no matter which level of the organisation, I’ve always experienced a can-do attitude that’s very people-focused.”

– Pat Kluver, CEO, Workskills

Pat Kluver is CEO of Workskills, an organisation which supports people into sustainable employment. Pat has been at Workskills for almost 15 years, and has been a driving force in building their decade-long relationship with Work & Training.

The relationship began when Workskills were looking to partner with a training provider who could assist with providing vocational training options for their clients. The partnership that has developed between the two organisations has since helped thousands of jobseekers to become more skilled.

“Out of the 205 people that we’ve put through our vocational pathways program last year, 50 have gained sustainable employment and every single one of them have moved along the continuum towards achieving their goals.”

For Pat, the collaboration between the two organisations makes sense.

“Our organisation is about building connections, creating opportunities and making meaningful employment achievable. We chose Work & Training because they’ve got a very similar ethos” he explains.

“We marry-up our ethical stance, our quality stance, and most importantly, both organisations have a real desire to see people succeed. The relationship means a lot to us.”

A local connection is something that Pat views as particularly important to the success of the partnership.

“I think in Tasmania, it’s all about local connections. What we have with Work & Training is a real local connection” he says.

“The thing that works best for our clients is the fact that Work & Training are prepared to tailor to each individual’s needs. To get the best outcome for people, a one size fits all solution does not work. Having different programs and different approaches for different cohorts is absolutely fantastic.”

Attending the annual awards night gave Pat the opportunity to see how Work & Training has positively influenced the wider community.

“To see and experience the trainees’ passion, engagement, and growth in their chosen industry was unbelievable. And it was just so heart-warming. I could feel the excitement in that room, the engagement of all the trainees in there.”

For Pat, the ongoing success of the partnership comes back to Work & Training staff.

“Right across the board, no matter which level of the organisation, I’ve always experienced a can-do attitude that’s very people-focused – how can we make this work for everybody?” he says.

“It is an extremely valuable relationship we have with Work & Training.”

Pat Kluver – CEO, Workskills

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