Bonnie, Piper & Ashley’s Story

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Bonnie Issacs Bayfield Dental smiling

“We can make a difference with the younger generation coming through – they’re our future. We’ve got to look after them.”

– Bonnie Issac, Clinical Practice Manager, Bayfield Dental

Bonnie Issac has been a dental nurse for 35 years, and is passionate about using her experience to train the next generation of dental professionals.

Over the last 18 years, Bonnie has been involved in the support and development of 25 trainees at Bayfield Dental through Work & Training.

Piper Hines is one of Bayfield Dental’s current trainees. While most people are frightened of a visit to the dentist, Piper has always been intrigued by their work. When a friend started her own dental traineeship through Work & Training, Piper thought “I can do that too!”

Piper hopes to become a dentist one day and is appreciative of the additional support provided by Work & Training as she works towards completing her Dental Assistant qualification.

“They’re an extra support system. I have Bayfield as a support, but I have Work & Training to fall back on too. I’ve got that extra support for everything.”

As a supervisor, the support provided by Work & Training is something that Bonnie also appreciates.

“It takes a lot of the leg work out. If we’re not quite sure how to handle certain things, we can discuss them with our Consultant Kylie, who is a great support.”

Ashley Vaughan is also a current trainee with Bayfield Dental, and feels that Work & Training have had an important role in helping her to begin her career as a Dental Nurse.

“They’ve been so nice and encouraging. They’ve explained the role to me, what’s required of me. They’ve built up my confidence – they really help me feel like I’m not alone, that I can do it. I’m enjoying it more and more every day.”

Ashley’s positive experience has led her to encourage others to follow her footsteps.

“I’ve actually told a few of my friends about Work & Training, because of the experience I’ve had with them. They’re going to be there for you. They do care.”

The long standing relationship between Bayfield Dental and Work & Training has allowed the business to grow and prosper, with many trainees staying on in permanent roles once their qualifications are complete.

“We’ve got some who are still in the practice after 15 years,” says Bonnie. “When I come in, I feel like I’m coming into a family.”

For Bonnie, one of the most positive outcomes of Bayfield Dental’s relationship with Work & Training is being able to provide young people with access to qualifications that lead to employment.

“It’s nice that we can make a difference with the younger generation coming through. Watching these young trainees get a qualification, you can see that they’ve grown” she says.

“They’re the next generation, they’re our future. We’ve got to look after them.”

Bayfield Dental – Bonnie Issac, Clinical Practice Manager (pictured); Piper Hines, Trainee Dental Assistant; & Ashley Vaughan, Trainee Dental Nurse

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