A Career in Community and Health

If you are interested in other people’s welfare, have a kind and compassionate nature, then a career in caring for others is for you.

Skills needed for a career in community services and health include being a good listener and communicator, the ability to provide advice, and being able to get along with people in different situations.

Community and health industry snapshot

The Community Services Industry assists and supports individuals, families and communities in need.  It contributes to the well-being and quality of life of those who need support. 


Roles in this industry include

  • medical receptionist
  • hospital administration
  • personal care worker
  • disability worker
  • aged-care worker


Sometimes known as the allied health industry, roles in this sector include direct client care, technical support, ancillary services and public health. 

The healthcare industry is growing quickly and offers a wide range of careers. 

Employment opportunities include:

  • Ambulance services (transport & paramedics )
  • Dental assisting & technology
  • Health support services
  • Complementary & alternative health
  • Enrolled nursing
  • Health technicians

Data source: Australian Apprenticeships Pathways