A Career in Hospitality and Tourism

These occupations usually focus on people, so you need to have good communication skills, enjoy customer service and interactions involving influence, motivation or negotiation.

As one of the largest employer groups in Australia, employment in Hospitality and Tourism has many career advancement opportunities.

Hospitality and tourism industry snapshot


Hospitality is often divided into two areas. Front and Back of house.

Working front of house is described as the customer service of the industry with roles such as food service, barista and hotel reception. 

If making food and creating signature dishes is more your ambition, a career as a chef or in commercial cookery is the back of house roles in hospitality.


Working in tourism provides both domestic and international opportunities and involves the purchase of a wide range of goods and services. 

Examples of possible employment outcomes in tourism, these may be transport and tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and resorts, theme parks, tour guides, museums and historical sites, restaurants, cafes and clubs.

Data source: Australian Apprenticeships Pathways