A Career in Trades & Technical

Are you someone who likes working with tools and equipment? Do you like to come up with practical solutions to get the job done? A career in trades and technical could be for you.

Employment opportunities in the trades and technical are many and varied and include roles in the below industries.

Trades and technical industry snapshot


The Automotive Retail, Service and Repair industry offers excellent career prospects as it continues to grow and change. The industry is suffering a skills shortage and is looking for people that are ready to work at the cutting edge of technology.

Building and Construction

There are many specialised careers within the building and construction industry including roles in the domestic and commercial sector. These include carpentry, builder, civil construction and plumbing.

Electrical/Electro technology

Workers in this sector are in demand, in particular on projects that are focused renewable technology and clean energy. You could work across manufacturing, communications, mining, construction, renewables, domestic and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Farming, Animals and the Environment

This sector covers a range of specialised roles across, agriculture, horticulture, land conservation and animal care. There are many working environments from farms to nurseries, vet clinics to cattle studs.

Information Technology and Telecommunications

The IT and telecommunications sector continues to grow and evolve with new types of technology.  In particular with the NBN rollout across Australia, telecommunications experts are in demand.

Metals and Engineering

Designing and manufacturing of goods is a broad outline of this sector. This could be on a small scale such as assembly of consumer items to larger items such as metal fabrication of machinery.

Resource Mining

In the resource mining industry, there are four resource sectors covering Drilling, Mining, Coal Mining and Quarrying.

Transport Logistics and Warehousing 

Managing the flow of goods and services between manufacturers, warehouses and the end user this sector can involve transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging.

Data source: Australian Apprenticeships Pathways