Suzanne’s Story

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“It’s the experience of being offered that job, offered that traineeship. The opportunity to further my skills which helps me to grow as a person.”

– Suzanne Clarke, Trainee Library Assistant, St. Brendan Shaw College

Suzanne Clarke began her library traineeship almost two years ago and is currently working as Trainee Library Assistant at St. Brendan-Shaw College.

After running her own business for several years, Suzanne decided to start a traineeship when her daughter began an apprenticeship supported by Work & Training.

“Basically, I went back to the beginning with the traineeship. Not many people of my age would do that, but sometimes you’ve got to take a step back to then go forward.”

Although taking up a traineeship later in life has meant some lifestyle adjustments for Suzanne, she feels that being able to do something she enjoys has made these initial changes worthwhile.

“It’s the experience of being offered that opportunity to further my skills which helps me to grow as a person.”

Working in a school library allows Suzanne to assist students with their research, as well as support the curriculum by ensuring there are enough resources on hand to support what is being taught.

She feels that what she has learnt through her traineeship has equipped her well for the future.

“Things like learning to work with teachers and students, and different library protocols. I’m three-quarters of the way through my library traineeship; I’ve learnt the basics and it’s taking me right through with things like technology” she says.

“The work has been a challenge but only because the brain has got to start thinking again – learning how to study, taking exams. It’s been great.”

Throughout her traineeship, Work & Training have supported Suzanne to ensure she gets the most from her experience.

“The best part about connecting with Work & Training has been the ongoing support which has been great – just knowing that I can pick up the phone or send an email and everything will be handled very promptly.”

The bright, friendly trainee is clearly enjoying her time at the college.

“It’s a different type of team environment than what I was used to in the past. The people that I work with are just lovely – we can all contribute and have some wonderful discussions” she says.

Suzanne Clarke – Trainee Library Assistant, St. Brendan-Shaw College

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