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Alan Pedley of Merseylink stands in front of one of his buses

“Work & Training has given us the opportunity to future proof our business.”

– Alan Pedley, General Manager, Merseylink

Merseylink are responsible for managing the public transport system in the Devonport region. Currently, they employ 115 staff and are looking to grow their operations over the next 10 years.

Alan Pedley, General Manager of Merseylink, connected with Work & Training when the business required an additional administrative resource.

“We’re a business that’s been growing significantly and quite quickly – initially, we weren’t 100% clear on what we wanted. The recruitment process through Work & Training was very professional, very well organised.”

Ongoing support provided by Work & Training has allowed both the business and trainee to adjust.

“When you’re engaging a very young person that’s basically straight out of school, it’s not the same as employing someone that’s mature from day one.

Right from the start, Work & Training have been extremely professional. Once we engage a trainee, our Consultant Maret is in contact on a regular basis with structured meetings each 6-8 weeks that are attended by Work & Training, Merseylink and the trainee.”

Mentoring provided to the trainee has also been useful in unexpected ways. “It has kept us in line as well!” Alan laughs.

Bringing on a trainee has allowed Merseylink to better understand their staffing requirements.

“Work & Training has given us the opportunity to future proof our business” says Alan.

“Jorja, our current trainee, has been with us about 18 months so she’s getting close to finishing her Certificate training. She’s really grown into the role as it has developed.”

Merseylink’s relationship with Work & Training has also had a positive impact on the broader Devonport community.

“Youth unemployment is really high in this region. To be able to give a young person straight out of school an opportunity, who can now grow long-term with Merseylink, is great” Alan explains. “I take real pride in that.”

Alan Pedley – General Manager, Merseylink

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