Dale’s Story

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“What we do makes a difference to people’s lives.”

– Dale Archer, Deputy Chair, Work & Training

Dale Archer is a Director of the Work & Training Board. First appointed to the Board in 2015, he was appointed Deputy Chair a year later.

Dale’s involvement with the organisation spans more than 20 years: firstly as the owner of a business which provided services to Work & Training, and now as Deputy Chair of the Work & Training Board.

“I’ve always had an interest in the services that Work & Training provide. The opportunity was presented to me in 2015 and I thought it would be great to give back” he says.

During this time, Dale has remained an active figure in the community and local politics, seeing firsthand the positive impact of services offered by Work & Training.

He believes that Work & Training has significantly improved the lives of Tasmanians by enabling access to education and employment opportunities.

“Through apprenticeships and traineeships, we provide employment opportunities and skills for people to improve themselves, and that benefits the community and the people around them.

Our training services give people the opportunity to improve their skillset and knowledge, presenting them with employment opportunities” he explains.

“What we do makes a difference to people’s lives.”

When asked what the next 30 years will hold for Work & Training, Dale is clear about the direction the organisation will take.

“We’ve got a very large footprint in Tasmania with our three offices. Our plan is to continue to grow the business, be innovative and continue to put back into the Tasmanian community” he says.

Dale Archer – Deputy Chair, Work & Training

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