Emily’s Story

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“Everything we do contributes to helping young apprentices and trainees get into the workforce and build a long-lasting career.”

– Emily Ralph, Operations Support Officer, Work & Training

Emily Ralph joined Work & Training after completing a Certificate III in Business. After working in retail, she was searching for an administrative position when the opportunity to join Work & Training arose.

“It all made sense because I understand the work that they do – I can understand how valuable doing a traineeship can be.”

Based at the Launceston office, Emily was eventually offered the opportunity to provide support to offices state-wide when a new payroll system was implemented.

“My strengths have come out – I love the challenge, I like the problem solving. I’ve found my little niche.”

Illustrated by her own progression within Work & Training since joining the team two years ago, Emily believes that quality training provides a strong base for a successful career.

“From experience, I know how much a traineeship has helped me. I would recommend a traineeship to anyone who has the opportunity to undertake one.”

For Emily, the best part of her job is knowing that the work she is doing is contributing to the success of others.

“Everything we do helps young apprentices and trainees get into the workforce and build a long-lasting career. It’s really cool to see them progress – starting off with no job, or just a casual job. Then they’re in a traineeship, next they’re in a management role. That’s probably the most rewarding thing” she says.

“It’s a lot more than just doing your job and going home at the end of the day. You’re helping people build their careers, or get into the workforce – you feel like you’re doing something for someone.”

Emily Ralph – Operations Support Officer, Work & Training

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