Peter’s Story

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“I’m still very passionate about the company. I’ve dedicated 20 years
of my life to Work & Training. I just enjoy what I do.”

– Peter Hunt, Team Leader, Work & Training

Peter Hunt joined Work & Training more than 20 years ago.

“My role has changed over the years, but essentially it still involves supporting trainees and apprentices, the development of business and everything that goes along with that.”

A qualified Chef, Peter was looking to move out of the kitchen and into a role that helped young people find their way into employment.

“Being connected to young people and seeing the positive outcomes – that’s what I personally get out of my job. To see people progress through their career and be lucky enough to maintain that relationship” he says.

“Often, someone who has been an apprentice becomes a business owner and then employs their own apprentices. There’s not many jobs where you can see that progression.”

Nurturing the career aspirations of young Tasmanians is what Peter enjoys most about his role.

“It’s probably the part I enjoy the most – giving advice to young people through the recruiting process” he explains.

“Last week, I spoke to a young lady and asked her ‘How many interviews have you had?’ And she replied ‘This is the first one I’ve ever had in my life.’ Often, I’m sitting across from people who have never done this before. It’s quite the responsibility to be helping to develop these young Tasmanians.”

Peter feels this development has a broader effect on the community.

“Through the employment and development of young people, training them up and getting them contributing to their community.”

There’s no doubt in Peter’s mind that Work & Training provides a valuable service to Tasmania.

“I think the organisation is really important to Tasmania. I’ve been here for 20 years, so I’ve seen lots of people complete their qualifications, and contribute to the economy through business.”

Even after two decades, Peter remains passionate about the services provided by Work & Training.

“I think there are some great people who work here. I enjoy what I do, especially working with such  dedicated colleagues.”

Peter Hunt – Team Leader, Work & Training

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