Tameka’s Story

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“Without the support of Work & Training, there’s no way that I would have been able to land the job that I currently have.”

– Tameka Park, Cultural and Capability Advisor, Aurora Energy

Tameka Park works as a Cultural and Capability Advisor for Aurora Energy. She is involved in Aurora Energy’s training initiatives, and manages their formal qualifications and recognition and rewards program.

“I’ve had an amazing 15-year career with Aurora that has continued to grow and expand from when I first started there as a trainee.”

Drawing on her personal experience for her current role, Tameka is a big advocate for trainee placements within her workplace.

“I’m a big believer in traineeships. I find that trainees are actually better equipped compared to other graduates who haven’t had that exposure to a work environment.”

After finishing high school, Tameka weighed up her options and approached Work & Training for help with getting her career started.

“I finished Year 12 and I thought, actually, I really want to start working. University wasn’t something that I was ever really committed to” she says.

“I came across Work & Training in a job advertisement, and within a week I had five or six interviews. I was lucky enough to get the job with Aurora Energy.”

Tameka feels that the support she received from Work & Training has been essential for her career progression.

“Without the support of Work & Training – the jobs that were put forward for me, the encouragement and advice that they gave me – there’s no way that I would have been able to land the job that I currently have.”

Tameka views traineeships as a practical stepping stone to begin a career.

“When you finish Year 12 you don’t have that life experience to walk into a job, but you still need to be able to gain it somehow” she explains.

“Traineeships are one of those things I think more individuals should be encouraged to do. I feel that apprenticeships and traineeships have a real practical application in the workplace, as opposed to just theory taught in a classroom.”

Tameka Park – Cultural and Capability Advisor, Aurora Energy

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