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Lucy Cousins, Work & Training

“Seeing trainees get through their traineeship and grow in confidence – I like to think I’ve played a small part in helping them develop.”

– Lucy Cousins, Training Consultant, Work & Training

Lucy Cousins is a Training Consultant with Work & Training, supporting students enrolled in Certificate III and IV in Business.

Lucy is kept busy visiting students in their workplaces as they progress within their traineeships.

“It’s all office-based administration so I’ve got students working in schools, hospitals and government departments. It’s quite a broad qualification so they’re able to go into a lot of different industries.”

Before joining Work & Training four years ago, Lucy worked in adult literacy and had experience teaching English as a second language. Joining Work & Training has allowed her to expand and develop her own skills, as well as those of her students.

“I feel that it’s really extended me professionally. As far as career progression goes, it’s allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, my IT skills and my time management skills.”

Lucy has found that the most rewarding part of her role is expanding the skill set and experience of the trainees she supports.

“I’m able to pass on my knowledge and be a bit of a mentor to a lot of my trainees. They’re often young kids out of school who are just starting in the world of work” she says.

Lucy also enjoys watching former students succeeding in their new roles, often seeing them as she brings a new trainee into a business.

“Sometimes I see former students who’ve been retained by their host business – they’ve been kept on after their traineeship and have been successful in getting a position there” she explains.

“I’ll have another trainee at the same place, who’s just starting. Seeing them get through their traineeship and grow in confidence – I like to think I’ve played a small part in helping them develop.”

Supporting trainees is a group effort. Lucy works with the trainee, host supervisor, and other colleagues to ensure the best possible outcomes for her students.

“The Trainee of the Year in 2018 at Work & Training’s annual Awards was one of my trainees – that was a really great experience. There are a lot of people involved in these successes. I do the training and assessment side of the traineeship, and they get the on-the-job mentoring and training from their supervisors. It’s a team effort” she says.

“It’s a really great place to work.”

Lucy Cousins – Training Consultant, Work & Training

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