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“It’s a smart way for us to find trainees and apprentices – it lets me get on and do other things, I can focus my time on the business and not have to worry.”

– Nigel Miles, Parts & Service Manager, Co-Op Toyota

Nigel Miles has worked with Co-Op Toyota for 35 years, starting as an apprentice before working his way up to Parts & Service Manager.

For 20 years, Work & Training have supported more than 170 apprentices and trainees hosted with Nigel’s team at Co-Op Toyota.

“We put a lot of effort into trainees and apprentices – I want to give them a future” he says.

“We have a very good rate of apprentices and trainees staying on. I’ve got staff here who did their traineeships and apprenticeships with us 10 or 15 years ago.”

For Co-Op Toyota, building a relationship with Work & Training has helped to streamline staffing processes.

“We used to put ads in the paper, it was a laborious process. I looked at other options to employ apprentices and trainees and came across Work & Training” Nigel explains.

“It’s become a seamless relationship. It’s a smart way for us to find trainees and apprentices – I can focus my time on the business and not have to worry.”

Through their partnership with Work & Training, Co-Op Toyota also support VET skills programs through local colleges, hosting students on work experience.

“Work experience is a true test – it gives me the opportunity to look at possible candidates, and potentially offer a young person an apprenticeship at the end” explains Nigel.

Work & Training General Manager Leanne Wallace was Co-Op Toyota’s first Business Consultant, helping to develop the current decades-long partnership.

“That was way back in the beginning, back in the good old days” Nigel laughs.

“Leanne and I have a good working relationship and that’s probably why it’s been so successful. It’s my philosophy that if you’ve got a good team behind you, then you’re going to be successful – one team, one dream. With Work & Training we’re all on the same page.”

The strong relationship between Work & Training and Co-Op Toyota was a key element to their combined nomination for Employer of the Year at the 2019 Tasmanian Training awards.

“The nomination shows what we are doing for the community and young people, how we’re supporting each other. To get to the finals shows the strength of the relationship between us and Work & Training.”

It’s a relationship that Nigel can see continuing for some time yet.

“Oh, it’ll probably see me out” he laughs.

Nigel Miles – Parts & Service Manager, Co-Op Toyota

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